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BOSS Academy Radio - Real Business Ownership Success Strategies: Entrepreneur, Small Business, Coaching, Start-ups

Feb 15, 2016

How did Jason Swenk, Digital Marketing Strategist, create a seven figure business in 11 months, working less than 100 hours per month? More importantly, how can he show you what took him 12 years to learn, allowing you to reach your goals much faster? 

If Jason sounds like he's accomplished super human feats, that may explain why his colleagues know him as the defender of truth, justice and effective business practices. When asking them what makes Jason special, they'll tell you that he has special business and marketing powers. Jason's mission: to save the galaxy one business at time.

How did he discover these powers? Sixteen year ago, he heard cries of distress coming from beleaguered businesses and he decided to take action. He founded a successful digital agency, and over the span of 12 years as CEO championed in the digital advertising arena for clients such as Aflac, Lotus Cars, Hitachi, AT&T, Coke and Legal Zoom. A friend and protector to all, Jason sold his agency in 2011 for 7 figures and used his powers to author a book and develop a smart phone nutrition app. Today, he continues to use his powers for good by creating proprietary business tools, client coaching and blog writing and podcasting. He wards off evil-doers and helps business owners achieve their goals.

Operating out of his office of solitude in Atlanta, Georgia, he makes the most of his in-the-trenches experience and today‚Äôs cutting edge business strategies to help innocent businesses defend them-selves against villainous competition. 

We're not claiming that Jason is a super hero, but he has been able to make a huge impact among professionals that follow him and study his teachings. 

We invite you to learn more about Jason by visiting http://jasonswenk com.