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BOSS Academy Radio - Real Business Ownership Success Strategies: Entrepreneur, Small Business, Coaching, Start-ups

Sep 28, 2015

If you've ever felt like you struggle to thrive in your competitive market, it's time to tune in and turn your business on.  Veronica Yankowski is a professional photographer who seeks to satisfy higher-end clients.  With amateur photographers having access to low-cost, high-quality cameras and other digital equipment, people like Veronica find that they are facing an ever growing sea of competition.  Learn how Veronica has learned to pick and choose the clients she wants at a fair price-point, opting to say no to some of the business which does not fit her business model.  A key to success as an entrepreneur is learning when to say no to business that is not a fit.  Business leadership often involves setting boundaries.  What boundaries are you setting?  When are you saying, "No"?

As an award-winning photographer, Veronica L Yankowski knows how to tell a story in a single frame.  In 2005 she left the newspaper industry after 11 years and  applied her dramatic documentary style to portraiture, which opened new creative possibilities for her work. She named her company VeroLuce Photography. “Vero” –a play on her name –is the Latin word for truth, as is “Luce” for light.  She photographs her subjects in the best light possible, all the while capturing their true personality and creating portraits that are often described as “soulful.”

BOSS Academy Radio is thrilled to present this episode, where we see a real-life example of how an entrepreneur can dominate their own market.  Success requires setting a clear plan and strategic direction.  More importantly, it's highly dependent that you take the step to put that plan into action.  Host, Paul Kirch, brings out Veronica's story, challenges and success in this interview.  She's paving the way before you, so now you can take and apply these great lessons for your own business.  We're talking about real business ownership success strategies.  This is one more reason BOSS Academy is truly the last BOSS you'll ever need.